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In charge of ‘IoT business models’, Working Group on Internet of Things
22/06/2013-29/06/15 – CONNECT Advisory Forum (CAF)
Introduced the concept of Market Adoption Readiness Levels and developed this concept with colleagues. Helped define ‘Innovation Ecosystems’ for Robert Madelin.

Coordinator Innovation Recommendations
02/10/15-29/06/16 – CONNECT Advisory Forum (CAF)
Led the innovation advisory group resulting in a comprehensive set of innovation recommendations, grouped under ‘PRINCIPLES’, ‘METHODS’ and ‘INSTRUMENTS’, deriving lessons from hands-on grass roots innovation communities.

CAF’s recommendations for H2020’s work programme 2018-2020
29/06/16-30/11/16 – CONNECT Advisory Forum (CAF)
Contributed to the finalising of CAF’s overall recommendations for the H2020 programme.

Founding member and Alt. Chair of the Innovation Ecosystems Group
04/02/2015-31/01/17 – AIOTI – Alliance of Internet of Things Innovation
Co-authored the Working Group 2 recommendations paper for Innovation Ecosystems, drafted and brokered the Joint Declaration on strategic cooperation between the the Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communication and the AIOTI.

Co-author of the Working Group 1 paper on Digital Innovation Hubs: Mainstreaming Digital Innovation Across All Sectors
21/10/16-06/06/17 – DEI – Digitising European Industry
Contributed to the definition of Digital Innovation Hubs.

Member, contributor
12/06/14-13/06/2017 – Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group (OISPG)
Introduced the concept of Industry Commons.

Advisory group of the European Commission at the ‘Innovation 7’
21/06/17-02/10/17 – i7 (G7)
Recommendations for human-centric AI (subsequently adopted by the G7)

Vision to re-establish, maintain and extend European leadership in AI and related fields
20/09/17-28/03/18 – CONNECT Advisory Forum (CAF)
Contributed the recommendations for boosting the economic aspect of AI-driven systems